Technical website skills: Romily Jones BSc (Hons) MBA

Design and communication, for the Web

  • Interface design and usability, including research findings
  • Graphic design for the Web
  • Writing for the Web

Coding (in depth, mostly)

Front-end languages

  • (X)HTML, CSS, some HTML5, some jQuery, some Javascript.

Server side languages

  • PHP (OOP, as well as Procedural), PCRE Regular Expressions (Regexes), SQL, mod_rewrite, some XML (for RSS), some Unix


  • web page creation tool/editor and site manager, image editor, general code editor and code comparators, PHP IDE, local Apache web server, miscellaneous helper tools e.g. colour analysers, code inspectors, code validators, PDF makers


  • database design, security principles and hacking countermeasures

(Web) Server-side

  • Apache Web server; server administration tool, domain management tool, SSH tool, HTTP checking tools…
  • MySQL and administration tools

Browser capabilities / deficiencies (affects visitor traffic)

Standards and codes


  • Internet technologies: packet networks, e-mail, HTTP, FTP, SSL, DNS, firewalls…
  • How search engines work, Google in particular; how people use search engines (research findings)
  • PC's: Windows (in depth); Mac & Linux (basic); associated software tools (backup, security)
  • MSOffice


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