Who we are

Business trained and widely experienced, we also bring expanding technical expertise and skilled Web graphic design to our projects. Web copy writers, and other specialists, join us as needed.

Principal - Romily Jones BSc (Hons), MBA

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Focused on making websites more effective business tools, Romily brings:

  • market-oriented business experience,
  • a user-centred design approach
  • 23 years as a Web developer/designer (technical skills), built on a technical background (C.Eng.).

In a previous life: proposals team leader (nine years) and responsible for the group's specialised IT needs; implementation/ design engineer (eight years).

Various specialists (as needed)


Copy writer: for text in the concise style needed on-screen

Web designer / developer: for projects with demanding time scales which can be broken into suitable chunks, or to code complex database-driven websites.

Brand identity designer: for those starting out or needing a comprehensive approach to their branding


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Romily: it has been a pleasure working with you.

Poriya Vaudecrane,