Our websites cost less to update/adjust

Websites often soon get out of date. If a visitor spots this, they may not come back. So keeping a website up-to-date is a must.

Easier maintenance: part of our design philosophy

We use a more advanced approach to building our websites than is generally used today - the technology we use is more powerful, and flexible:

  • No dedicated pages for printing
  • More adjustable. So when the website needs a makeover, we can often change the look significantly without having to remake the website.

Wide variety of options for updating a website

  • off-the-shelf software
  • a system built into the website
  • the website designer.

Which is best for you will depend on:

  • what you want to change (e.g. news, contact details), and how often
  • whether or not you want, and are able and have the time, to do the work
  • a balancing of the costs, flexibility, speed of response, responsibility for the website working, need for advice, etc.

Maintenance and update work we do

We maintain websites, and act as a website’s editor to ensure consistency and quality of communication. For some, this is convenient and cost-effective, particularly for websites needing changes infrequently, or of a variable nature.